As a Real Estate Brokerage, we often get asked what there is to do around Southwest Florida?  Where are the good places to eat?  In this blog, we will talk about the good places to eat, drink, boat, fish, art, culture and so much more!

Jan. 15, 2020

Pool Boy - No splash and dash here


Pool Boy is not just your typical Splash & Dash Pool Service! They strive to provide the best customer service. Starting off in 2006 servicing only 95 clients weekly. They have grown to now service 1100 clients! If you are looking for resurfacing, leak detection, or repair they can help! Looking to upgrade, get a heater, pool equipment or refinish your deck? They have you covered!


When you first sign up with Pool Boy you will get a 35-point inspection on your first visit. They will vacuum with their independent vacuum system every week. This puts no strain on your pump system. With designated route managers they are easily able to manage their clients and any complaints. Ensuring that the issues are corrected within 24 hours. More times than not it gets addressed the same day. Pool Boy prides themselves on their customer service. Their employees are incentivized based on their client’s happiness.


If you are going on vacation and need someone to take care of your pool, Call Pool Boy as they have no long-term contracts they can fill in for a week or two. Up to a few months. Green to clean in 24 hours! Pool Boy does it all!! They don’t just take care of their clients! Frank and Jessica make sure that they are taking care of their employees as well. With more than 25% of their employees with the company for more than 10 years and a large majority of the rest have been with them for 5 years or more they are doing something right!


After relocating to Florida in the Early 2000s Frank and Jessica became victims of that typical Splash and Dash Pool service. Frank has a background in engineering and Jessica in the medical field they were looking for a business opportunity in their new home state, Enter Pool Boy. They Purchased a pool cleaning company and, in a few years, have grown it into what it is today!


Call Pool Boy for all your pool cleaning needs and more! You will not be disappointed! Frank and Jessica are simply the best!


Pool Boy, Inc.


27147 Del Prado Pkwy

Punta Gorda, FL, 33983

License & Insured: CPC1457405

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Dec. 9, 2019





Walking into HipNotique you are greeted by a beautiful and fun Octopus mural.  If this doesn’t set the tone for what you are about to walk into, I don’t know what would.  HipNotique is a quaint shop, located in downtown Punta Gorda.  Filled with many wonderful treasures as far as your eyes can see.  The first thing I noticed walking in was the beautifully exposed brick wall.  Coming from Philadelphia this brought up feelings of nostalgia for me. It’s just so warm and inviting.  It’s not something you see too often here in Florida, or at least I haven’t.

Owner Debi Malinoski is a large proponent of reused, recyclable and repurposed items.  One of the product lines she carries Mona B. takes old canvas tents and creates handbags, they also have hand towels.  She also loves to feature local vendors.  Lolablue is a local artisan of natural products from beauty to candles and little of everything.  I LOVE their natural deodorant. HipNotique is the only retailer that carries their ENITRE line!

About 75% of the products carried in HipNotique are exclusively sold there. (locally, that is) There are so many wonderful products there.  One of the most fascinating products I found were reversible shoes!  Yes, you read that right!  Two shoes in one!  It’s a little difficult to explain you just have stop in and check them out!  Dune Jewelry is another product line that caught my attention.  It is simply beautiful, then throw is some locally sourced sand, you can’t go wrong.  You can collect your own sand, bring it to HipNotique and they can help you get your sand put into a piece of jewelry!  How cool is that?!?! She carries Lizzy James, Love Pop Cards, Ear Cans, and so much more!  As Debi says there is a lid for every pot! Something for everyone!

I could honestly go on all day about HipNotique!  It is one of my favorite shops to browse and buy from!  They have so many different, unique and amazing items!  You must just stop in and check it out! The staff is great, very knowledgeable about the products.  They can help you find the perfect item.   Debi the owner is amazing!  The energy radiating from her is so bright!  You honestly can’t help falling in love with her and HipNotique.


You can also find HipNotique at the Franklin shops in Ft. Myers, FL! 

111 W Marion Ave

Punta Gorda, Florida



Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-5:30pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

Open until 8 pm every third Thursday of the month for Punta Gorda Third Thursday Wine Walk.

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Nov. 14, 2019

Nino’s Bakery & Restaurant – Florida’s Hidden Gem



Nino’s Bakery & Restaurant – Florida’s Hidden Gem

       Florida’s Hidden Gem is very accurate.  Walking into any bakery, you would expect to see display cases filled with their beautifully delicious creations.  You definitely get that at Nino’s and soooo much more.  Nino’s opened its doors in 2006 as a wholesale bakery, supplying local restaurants with bread, cookies, and pastries.  They started retailing their delicious baked goods in 2008 and well the rest is history.

       Nino’s expanded from a bakery in a restaurant a couple of years back when they started serving breakfast and lunch.  They just started dinner service as of October 1st, they have a large family-style dining room.  Nino’s has a beautiful fully stocked bar with some good specials to boot! They offer craft liquors, great bourbon, small barrel selections.  They have it all!

       I sat down with the owner who when asked what Nino’s is, said, “It’s a hangout.  Not a bakery, not a restaurant, not a bar…a hangout!” It’s somewhere that supports local talent.  As we were sitting there talking, a local high school student called about coming to play.  To audition to be a potential regular act. They are big supporters of the arts here in charlotte county and beyond.  

       I was very surprised by the variety of acts that play at Nino’s.  I mean you have local bluegrass, classic county, Las Vegas-style performers, world-renowned acts.  They feature a pretty regular Latin night, drag queen bingo, Karaoke, the list goes on! Oh and Tuesday night poker nights! Sunday brunch with music by Gene Federico playing to the baby boomer crowd.   The owner hinted to the potential of some big named acts heading towards Nino’s Stage! Keep an eye out!

       Their menu is quite expansive, and they have it all.  Appetizers, soup & salads, burgers, sandwiches & wraps, pasta, entrees, pizzas, wings and so much more! You can get delivery via GRUBHUB or BITE SQUAD.  



Nino’s Bakery

3078 Cooper Street
Punta Gorda, Florida


Hours Open

Mon – Thurs: 7 am – 9 pm

Fri – Sat: 7am – 10pm

Sunday: 7am – 2pm

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Nov. 11, 2019

Hammer & Stain - A DIY Dream

Hammer & Stain DIY Studio


About Hammer & Stain…

Hammer & Stain is a DIY craft studio that holds classes and workshops. 

Classes are for a group of people who have chosen a project or 2 that they would like to do at a scheduled date and time.  

Workshops are for a specific project planned by Hammer & Stain that are at a specific date and time.  You must register for workshops.

In either case, Jane & Barry (or their staff) will walk you through the creation of your craft. Starting with the raw materials.  There are 16 stain colors, and about 45 paint colors.  They have stencils that you can use, different embellishments.  You have to opportunity to create a personalized piece or something simple.  They don’t just do wood projects either!

The great thing about their process is you can be the least crafty person in the world and walk out with something beautiful.  As Jane explained to me people come in all the time and say they aren’t crafty or artistic.  She simply tells them “You don’t have to be crafty; we do that for you.”  Now, if you are the opposite side of that spectrum, then you just have at it!  It is a truly fun experience.

I found their prices to be reasonable.  Projects start as low as $25 and go as high as $85.  They can also make custom designs or larger pieces, which are priced accordingly.

If you are looking for something to do with a group, Hammer & Stain has you covered!  They do Office Parties, Children’s Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal showers, Birthday Parties and so much more.  Bring your food and drinks, decorate, play some music and ENJOY! 

If for some reason you can’t make it to the Hammer & Stain studio, they can come to you. How awesome is that?!




The first word that came to mind when entering in their studio was Charming!  Now granted I was there during a time where I could chat with the owners with minimal distractions.  Everything was in its place and neatly organized.   I am sure it’s a bit different when there is a class going on!

There were projects all over the walls, but the walls were not crowded.  They did a wonderful job of showcasing, without overwhelming.  

After her career in management Jane and her husband Barry, a retired police officer, turned in their Wisconsin winter coats and boots for some Florida sunshine and sandals earlier this year. With a passion for crafts opening Hammer & Stain Punta Gorda was a perfect fit.  “It fills a niche,” Barry said.  They love working with the crafters that come into their studio, and the fact that everyone walks out with something that they love. 

I can’t thank Jane and Barry enough for allowing me to sit down with them, share our stories and laugh!  Boy did we laugh.  They are a beautiful couple and I am very excited to see all that they as well as Hammer & Stain have in store!  

Check them out one at


Hammer & Stain, Punta Gorda

208 Tamiami Trl. Suite 112
Punta Gorda, FL 33950



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Oct. 1, 2019

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